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All of our services are encompassed by four categories, following our EDDA system:

Engineering, Design, Draughting, Assurance.





This system allows us to offer a complete suite of engineering and design services from concept and feasibility to technical specification and quality assurance. All aspects of power system design, modelling and integration can be provided, no matter what the starting point of the project. To explore our services in more detail choose any from the list below.       

  • Power System Engineering
    Generation - Storage - Grid/Primary - Transformers - Switchgear - Cabling - LV-132kV Experienced in all areas of power systems engineering, we can specify replacement plant or design complex HV sites up to Grid level. Whether your needs extended to a complex site or a single feeder, urban subterranean substation or rural compound, new build or retrofit/refurb, OTSIB have the expertise to deliver bespoke solutions for your critical infrastructure projects.
  • System/Protection Studies
    Quick, clear and accurate protection and network fault studies. With co-ordination a crucial aspect of every electrical system, pertient studies allow clients to see instantly any supply integrity problems on any part of a project. OTSIB can provide the technical support you require: network/fault analysis, earthing studies, cable calculations and specifications, protective device specifications.
  • Tender Support
    Are you an experienced civil contractor looking to break into the renewables market? Are you part of a consortium looking to bolster its electrical offering? Are you an experienced LV engineering company looking to bid on a full HV/LV project? OTSIB can support your tender application in a number of ways - as either a partner, subcontractor or collaborator. Add years of HV engineering experience and our suite of engineering and design services to your proposal. Always competitive, any incurred consultancy fees are fully deductible from successful contract awards.
  • Interface Design
    Turn a high level design into a complete set of installation drawings and schedules for site staff. From high-level specifications or preliminary designs OTSIB can produce wiring diagrams, cable routing diagrams, diagrams of connection and termination schedules. From these designs wiremen and installation staff can install plant in reduced timeframes with confidence and with the knowledge that detailed and accurate records are available for maintenance or future works.
  • CAD Services
    Our in-house team of engineers and designers are all skilled CAD practitioners and educators. Any design work undertaken by us will be guaranteed to meet the highest draughting standards. Proficient in industry standard software packages from Autodesk, Bentley, Adobe, Microsoft, DIALux and others - we can also bring all of your CAD requirements from existing projects on-board and deliver your digital and print output in a format to suit you or your client.
  • Legacy Document Processing & Workflow Digitisation
    Looking to work in a plant-room untouched since 1961? Need to overlay old utilities drawings on new topological surveys? Or simply want to make useful, digital copies of the contents of old site filing cabinets and archive boxes? OTSIB can digitise your data from booklets up to A0 plans, produce searchable catalogues and deliver in a range of industry standard formats to suit your needs. The process can be completed at our own facility or remotely if sensitive documents cannot be removed from site. Save valuable engineering time and considerable cost by taking the hassle out of working with legacy plans and documents.
  • Quality Assurance
    OTSIB can assess the quality of specifications and technical design documents in order to ensure timely, relevant and meaningful feedback. We are able to plan and implement strategies for quality management and deliver reports to project managers or management representatives. If your extant design or concept requires validation, we can determine levels of resilience, adherence to industry or client-specific standards and identify scope for supplementary or remedial actions.
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